Adventures of a mother of 7 – Johanna Gustafsson

Because it's there!

When 8 years old I learned about Mount Everest, and ever since I have dreamed about climbing up there. When I became middle-aged and sensible I thought that it's impossible.

2012 when I turned 50 I suddenly got this crazy idea to fulfill my childhood dream. Now, almost 2 years later, after studying, training, researching & finding solutions, it seems possible!

If things go well I will summit in May 2014, if things don't go well I will hopefully do it another year. If you want to follow me vie e-mail updates you can subscribe to them.


Do you know what is a shoefie?

Look at the picture.  I am just launching the term here.


I prefer taking shoefies, because I am so lousy with selfies. For the older ladies like me, it is so much easier and more flattering to take a shoefie. You can always see what you are doing, you don't have to guess if you end up in the picture or not. Not to even mention not needing to control the expression on your face, while your arms are reaching as far as possible. From now on I will go for shoefies :D

Johanna Gustafsson – the Everest project