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Because it's there!

When 8 years old I learned about Mount Everest, and ever since I have dreamed about climbing up there. When I became middle-aged and sensible I thought that it's impossible.

2012 when I turned 50 I suddenly got this crazy idea to fulfill my childhood dream. Now, almost 2 years later, after studying, training, researching & finding solutions, it seems possible!

If things go well I will summit in May 2014, if things don't go well I will hopefully do it another year. If you want to follow me vie e-mail updates you can subscribe to them.

Pull ups, the competition gets bitter

I have trained pull-ups for a few of years now. At home, in the morning when I get up I first do two series of 12 pull-ups and then in the third series I do more, as many as possible. I naturally bragged to people about my records of 16, 17 and 18. This is one of my traits, I make sense of things by talking a lot about everything going on in my life. 

This lead to me and one of our friends, Peter, having a competition in pull-ups during Tommi's 50-years party (that he held when he turned 51, but that's another story). I lost. I hate losing, but I would hate not competing more!

I then learned that the boyfriend of my daughter had a record of 23 pull-ups. So, I was stubborn enough to practice and practice, until I got 24 as a personal record. What a mean old witch I am. Im sure very few young men have this kind of trouble with a possible mother-in-law!

I was very happy with my result for a year. Some time ago when I came back from the Lapland practicing camp and I was about to do my usual morning pull-ups I saw it. That was such a bitter moment. There was a post-it note attached to the pull-up bar:

Sami pulled 29! Janni 5 (new record, watch out!) Greetings!

Sami pulled 29! Janni 5 (new record, watch out!) Greetings!

Jannina, how you can do that to your competitive, old mother? How do I survive this kind of a blow?

Johanna Gustafsson – the Everest project