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Because it's there!

When 8 years old I learned about Mount Everest, and ever since I have dreamed about climbing up there. When I became middle-aged and sensible I thought that it's impossible.

2012 when I turned 50 I suddenly got this crazy idea to fulfill my childhood dream. Now, almost 2 years later, after studying, training, researching & finding solutions, it seems possible!

If things go well I will summit in May 2014, if things don't go well I will hopefully do it another year. If you want to follow me vie e-mail updates you can subscribe to them.

Luggage surprise

The trip to Delhi and on to Kathmandu went well, Snowy Horizon met us at the airport. We were taken to a very nice hotel and we settled down. I had previously stayed in a three-star hotel in Kathmandu, for some reason I am more comfortable in one of those. Anyway, when Jessica opened her bag she suddenly screamed "This is not mine!".

The lost and found bag back at the hotel

The lost and found bag back at the hotel

Instead of climbing gear there were some normal ladies clothes. The bags had gotten mixed up in Delhi.

We came to the luggage belt in Delhi pretty much as the last people from our Finnair flight. There was actually no-one there and only my bag was on the belt. We waited for a while and then Jessica's bag arrived. We happily went through customs to the IndiGo terminal for our flight to Kathmandu. Obviously someone had an identical bag to Jessica's and had taken it already before we came to the belt.

Exchanging luggage in the dark streets of Kathmandu

Exchanging luggage in the dark streets of Kathmandu

Luckily we found all the relevant luggage tags and went to Rishi's office at Snowy Horizon to figure out how to exchange the bags with some lady in Delhi. With the help of Tommi, my husband, and several calls to Finnair in Finland and India we finally found out that Jessica's bag had probably also traveled to Kathmandu!  Sweet luck!! We then searched for the lady, found her about 6 km away and took a taxi to meet her halfway (at her insistence, we thought that either one could have traveled the whole way) and exchanged the bags :-)

She was a Nepalese girl who studies in Finland and was obviously really happy to have her stuff back.

We have traveled a lot with the whole family and without. Luggage has often been lost for a shorter or longer time, but nothing like this has ever happened to us before. Yes, yes, always check the tag that it really has your name…

On the other hand, had we noticed the mix-up in Delhi, our student friend would have been without her luggage for a while longer :))

Now 2 more days in Kathmandu and then off to Lukla to start trekking!

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